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ive noticed lately that my friends, acquaintances and people that i talk to on a daily basis with are breaking up with their partners, main reason being cheating. everyone is all heart broken because their spouse has been cheating and they just found out and all that good stuff.. i sympathize i really do but my thing is this: THERE ARE SIGNS... there are signs that your partner is cheating or at the very least slipping. dont sit there and lie to yourself and say you didnt see it coming. even if there wasnt any physical signs like coming home late at night.. that gut feeling we get, known to us females as "womans intuition" and you men as just a gut feeling.. IT NEVER LIES... if your man tells you something and alarms goes off in your head, something is up. if he talking to you and you cant catch anything thats coming out his mouth cause all you thinking about in the back of your mind is he is cheating, lying, etc.. then must likely you are right... but even if you werent right, say you thinking all this about your man and it turns out he isnt cheating (which is very unlikely) then you dont need to be with him anyway. why you dont need to be with him?!?! BECAUSE YOU DONT TRUST HIM! if you think your man has so little respect for you as to where he will lie and cheat then you two dont need to be together. this is my thinking we all date and enter relationships in search of our future.. our future husbands and wives, that one person that we plan on spending the rest of our lives with. so if im in a relationship with someone that i can not trust, that im always shooting 21 questions at because i want to catch him in a lie (that just might not be there), if i got to play snoopy with your ass, smell your draws, unlock all your phone, all that.. then i dont.. no I CANT be with you. all i will be doing is subjecting you and myself to that for the rest of our lives, and really how can you achieve longevity in a relationship with that shit going down every week, every other week, or once a month at best. IT WONT WORK.. IT CANT WORK... when me and my ex fiance first started dating we spoke about past relationships && for the time we was together i learned alot from him.. some things i dismissed and others i didnt, but if anything the one thing i took away from our relationships is this statement he made: AS SOON AS YOUR PARTNER START BREAKING ROUTINE YOU KNOW SOMETHING AINT RIGHT, THEY CHEATING!... && he is so right.. i mean think about it, if you two go from talking once or a couple of time everyday to once a week. something is up.. if yall go from date night every friday to every two months..something is up.. if he is usually home by nine and all of a sudden he want to walk through the door at one, two, three oclock in the morning every morning, something is definitely the fuck up.. and i dont care what anyone says if that nigga aint never had a fucking passcode on his phone the two years yall been together but all of a sudden he got one on that bitch, and it aint something that you will know incase you have to use his phone such as his birthday, your birthday, anniversary, etc.. THAT NIGGA IS FUCKING CHEATING... everything be in the phone pictures, message, emails, everything.. so if he coding it up.. you need to check that out right now.. oh and if he gets a new phone that you dont know about or you dont have the number to for some reason or the other he cheating.. there is no reason why you need two phones unless you on the streets or corporate america.. one of the two, so if you aint selling some crack or anything of the sort or you not a CEO on wall street you dont need two fucking phones.. get the fuck outta here with that. but lesson of the day number 1 way to know your partner is cheating without playing scoopy or the guessing game is



tha unpretentious narcissist © April 19, 2010 at 8:46 AM  

get out of my mind lmao.

i already told you. i am a sharp cheater spotter. maybe because i pay attention to chicks i'm with. i'm very observant. i'm not a snooping type person until something don't feel right. and i ALWAYS find their ass out before they play me. which has become a talent.

i agree. if you don't trust them, you shouldn't be with them. because personally i'm a dude that will give you my phone. tell you a password if you ask. leave my computer logged on. leave you in my house. so i honestly get offended if you a chick suspects me. that's how you KNOW a person isn't cheating. offended is different then defensive. if you giving me 21 questions and i haven't answered one of them..then i'm bullshitting you. but if you ask and i answer but you still don't believe or trust me..get the fuck on.

i deal with insecure/snoopy chicks all the time. and i can take it for only so long. it's a turn off & offensive to me being with someone that thinks you're cheating when you're not. i'm with you..if you suspect it check it. but if you don't find nothing let it go. it will eventually come to light, but you stressing over it like inspector gadget is not gonna do anything for you.

forever.original April 24, 2010 at 4:23 AM  

lmao most def reading this reminded me of why did i get married too. But all these are true.
Shit .... go through his phone when the nigga leaves his phone at a gas station and his gf picks it up. have some sense to delete the shit and not let the gf read it. MM MM MM..... men are slow sometimes cuz females can be nosey. lol.