our generation is in big trouble

read these two post before attempting to read this one: free from chains of love and baby drama

i wonder when does loving someone gets old?.. its crazy what us females would put up with just to say that we have someone. and its sickening to see how some of those who call themselves "men" treat women. i will never generalize all men and put them in one box and say that they are all dogs, no good, or whatever other term and phrase thats being used lately to describe those of the male species. but i will say this: our generation is in trouble.
all those who read my blog knows the struggle that i went through with my ex. fighting for something that did not need to be saved. holding on to what "used to be" instead of what was going on in the present. trying to salvage something that couldnt be fixed. i am so proud of myself to know that i let it go, and honestly i have never felt any better.. even now as i am writing this i feel so empowered because although i blog and post here and there on twitter no one will ever know what i really went through with this man. its easy for people to talk when they are on the outside looking in, when they are not the ones experiencing everything, all the emotions, ups and downs, everything. thats why i never judge other peoples relationships, well i try not to. if a friend ask me my opinion i tell him/her what i think, but before i start talking i always tell them "i will never tell you to leave him/her but if you stay something has got to change" and then i proceed with what i have to say.
i degrees anyway.... like i was saying our generation is in trouble... BIG TROUBLE! being in this relationship for four years i realized many things...
1. We live in a selfish society
2. Our generation is rootless and self centered
3. Morals and values are virtually non existent
4. Many boys no longer evolve and become men
5. There are not enough fathers in the homes teaching their boys how to become "GOOD" MEN
6. Mothers although present, are not teaching their daughters how to become respectable, intelligent women.
7. Everyone has a agenda
8. Although STD and STI's are a big problem in our generation and society people are still not using proper precautions to prevent against them.
9. Pride is a bigger problem than i initially thought.
(feel free to add to this list if you like, i know im missing some things)
ok couldnt figure out what my number ten was but here it goes and please correct me if you think i am wrong.
10. The role of mothers having to be both mother and father in the home has shifted roles in society, females are more masculine than men, and men are not able to handle the females that we evolved into.

there will be a part two to this post..dont really like my post being long.. but tell me what do you think is wrong with our society and relationships? what is the correlation?


F September 7, 2010 at 11:01 AM  

I really do agree with 99% of this post. The moral fabric of society is breaking down and people either can't see it or they don't care. The saddest part is what this is doing to the NEXT generation. People who can't take care of themselves have reckless sex and create lives they cannot care for... The idea of reckless sex itself is portrayed as being so cool that these kids themselves want to do it at an increasingly earlier rate. 12/13 year olds are having sex. That is wrong. Too many things... I run the risk of starting another blogpost so I won't do it here. I might write a response post to it on my blog... You have touched on such a serious issue...

About the last one, though... I think the prevalence of single parenting is only one of a myriad of issues. Rejection, pressure to reach set standards of beauty, career expectations, difficulty in relationships etc etc... All these things have made us harder than we have to be and this is sometimes misinterpreted as "angry black woman" syndrome.

You know what... I have to do a proper post about this, lol. Too much to talk about!

Anonymous September 7, 2010 at 6:42 PM  

this is a thing i have been commenting about in various blogs. our generation is so stupid that we have left the book that enriches our minds and started to dance to the tune of the entertainment industry.
i have no qualms about it but the truth is that the things they glamorize are the very things that is eating our society alive. from single parenthood, to being-dumb-is-cute, to excessive partying, to unprotected sex to arrongance..
people do not realise what it is to be HIV-positive. i've worked in the hospital and have seen how they are been treated and how many tests they need to run every month to make sure that they are not going to be the next person in the coffin the coffin maker is making.
men of these days aren't men. they all seem to think that arrogance is the way to go when it comes to getting chicks and it's all about getting laid.

the issue of women now wearing the pants is based on the fact that since most of the men around are wimps, someone has to step up to plate making women become more masculine in their roles.

parents sometimes or most times are to be blamed because they are trying so hard to be friends to their kids and not parents citing that they never had a good relationship with theirs. the thing they do not realise is that by doing this brings contempt and lack of respect.

sex eduaction is another thing that has to be taught from the first day a child starts talking and asking questions. you have to tell everything and advise so that children would know which way to go and parents should stop that cheesy line of "don't have sex now because you're not ready. do it when you are like eighteen because by then you are" because that won't help. you have to lay out all the options, advice them on each, talk to them and make them trust you so that no matter what decision they make they would tell you.

one more thing, i think we have to bring back "spanking" look at our parents and us; which set do you think is better?

sorry for the long gist.

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